Will 2017 Witness New Food Trends? Is Eating Meat Now Ethical?

The year 2017 could very well bring about major changes in food trends all over the world. With more people realizing the importance of clean eating, food habits have already started showing new peaks. Online trading and investing has its’ own new up and Fintech LTD is among the best automated softwares. Its’ targetĀ is to make as much as possible out of your investment.

The Rise of Non-communicable diseases

It is no longer about which carbonated beverage is better than the other. It is more about whoch country consumes lesser of the options. With a rise in non-communicable diseases like diabetes and more people showing signs of obesity quite early in life, the emphasis is now on eating right.

Countries are attempting to battle the addiction to sodas so that their health care bills could be cut down. Mexico had passed a soda tax in 2013. Mexico has the highest rate of obesity in the world. With this soda tax, there was a 12% reduction in soda consumption, which is a great achievement.

Along with Mexico, France, Chile, Belgium, Finland, South Africa and several other U.S. states started taxing sugary drinks. This was a step to highlight the fact that excessive intake of sugar leads to health problems.

This is the first food trend that is expected in the year 2017; the fight against sugary soda.


Awareness of Sustainability

Consumers not only want to know what goes into their food but also how it is produced. What kinds of resources are being used and in what quantities is also a major concern among people nowadays. Reduction of food wastage is of paramount importance and will continue to be a food trend in the New Year.


The Trump Impact

Donald Trump has declared that he has no inclination towards the Environmental Protection Agency and he intends to eliminate the Clean Power Plan. He does not favor the efforts of the United Nations to undo the effects on global climate. The question in contention is what kind of impact is expected from Donald Trump on food trends all across the globe.

These food trends are nothing but the results of what people have been experiencing all these years and they point towards a healthier and safer planet. However, we also need to have a sensible governing body to implement these changes for good. That is yet another trend we are looking forward to in 2017!