Stella And Dot- Business Opportunity

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Stella and Dot is an MLM business opportunity that deals with homemade jewelry. It is a popular and interesting business system where people should try to invest. But the question here is whether this system is worth investing money or not. To learn more let’s move further.

Know more about the system- As mentioned above it is an MLM opportunity for increasing our income from home. Numerous numbers of firms are coming up with their solutions but it is difficult to understand at first whether they are truly legit or not. These systems should be reliable and genuine then only people can have trust on it. The multi-level-marketing industry is very fast changing and to go with them we should always try to get proper information about them.

More about past- The founders of the company Jessica Herrin and Blythe Harris decided to establish the company at an alumni event. And then the company finally got established in 2007. These two ladies achieved amazing results and global success through the company. The company in no time became favorite among moms who wanted to make money online from their homes.

Product Packages- Product Packages have three different options we can choose from:

1 You will be able to select jewelry worth $1500 and the price is $699.

2In this one has to pay $499 to get the products of $1,000.

3Third is the basic package. The price is $199 for selecting jewelry worth $350.

The packages include an unlimited amount of various and valuable marketing materials.

Compensation fee-Once you become the stylists of the company they will give you 25% commission which can actually go up to 35% depending on the worth of the item. So, this also one of the positive aspect of the system.

Easy to become a member- It is very easy to become a member of the company. We just have to fill the online form and it is 100% free of charge. So, it’s an easy way to earn income and is a stable, solid and reliable source of earning income online. The fact is that the company provides real products to the stylists and the customers also will actually receive something original. The company is definitely real and it is an income increasing option for those who want to work online. This MLM Company can definitely provide you with materials which we can turn into real profits.