The great festival offers in e-commerce- Will it have any impact on the minds of customers?

The great festival offers in e-commerce- Will it have any impact on the minds of customers?

E-commerce seems to be successful right from the retail products to perishable goods.  In recent years, many customers prefer online shopping rather than direct shopping.  This helps the e-commerce business to achieve a giant growth when compared to other modes of businesses.  Since the success rate of online business becoming high, this helps the other business players to enter into the market to attain success, thereby increasing the competition among the major business players.  The competition is increasing day by day and in order to maintain the maximum target customers and to grab the market, major players come with a strategy like great festival offers to boost their sales performance.

Great Festival Offers:

Many business players like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal wanted to be the market leader in online businesses by grabbing the entire market with so many attractive offers to the target customers.  Whatever the occasion may be, these players come with the huge discounts and gifts to compete in the market with the major players.  Some of the attractive offers by these players during the festive seasons are 10 to 50% discounts; cash back offers, gift coupons which can be redeemed later, huge products with the lowest prices and many more.  All these offers are not only in the fashion textiles but also in electronic goods, furniture’s, home decors and other products.

Amazon vs. Flip kart:

Amazon and Flipkart seem to be the successful online business platform in India.  So far, many customers prefer direct shopping but this has been changed in the past few years in which many customers started to rely on this online shopping because of their attractive offers and their performance in terms of customer satisfaction.  It is really hard to satisfy the customers according to their needs and desires.  But these online shopping platforms enable customers to feel satisfied which is very difficult to achieve.  When you purchase the products and you are not satisfied with the quality of the product or any other defects, you can return it within the stipulated time.  This helped to increase the customer satisfaction on these platforms and thus started attracting the customers.  During the festive season, both these online platforms come with the attractive offers every time to increase their sales as well as attracting new customers.

Happy Customers:

In India, because of the rivalry among the major competitors like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal which has started to come up with new marketing strategies. Out of which the festive season offers gained more popularity and reach among the customers as they started seeking this as an opportunity to buy the necessary products with huge discounts and also at lowest prices.  Before purchasing any product, you can read the reviews of happy customers as well as Alex reviews for any doubts and clarification.