Trends to look out for in the Food Industry this year

The year 2017 is going to see a boom in various industries in various dimensions – binary options is one of them and everyone has their eyes on The Brit Method. Food and beverage industry is no exception. With the ever changing lifestyle, the overall food habits have also changed. This has also transformed the demand patterns in the food industry. With the population slowly realizing the ill-effects of unhealthy carbs, there is a switch to the more healthy diet. Meal replacement shakes and the likes are also coming into the picture. The diet conscious population and the enthusiastic retailers are changing the game.

Here are some of the major factors that are playing a pivotal role in altering the food and beverage industry significantly:

Who where and how?

People are now curious about knowing from where their food comes. “Organic” is gaining the center stage. People are predominantly avoiding all artificially grown foods as they understand the harm and prefer ones grown with natural manure. When it comes to meat and eggs, it’s more about Halal and Kosher these days. Even with milk and other basic foods people prefer the ones which are done with as less artificial touch as possible. Now there are always questions about who grows the food or makes the food, where and how. So retailers are in a position to pass stringent demands from customers while struggling to maintain their margins. There are many species of edible plants including coffee, avocado and more which are speculated to become extinct if we do not strive to preserve the ecology. This awareness has also caused a paradigm shift in the food industry. People also have started viewing cooking from an all new perspective partial thanks to the social media. This has also lead to the increase in the percentage of home cooked meals again.

Sodas lose to water:

With Westernization and the cultural swing, sodas became more popular. Thanks to the war between the soda giants, it became so popular that the consumption of natural fresh beverages and even water drastically fell. The sugary drinks are loaded with a variety of other stuff which are not really good for the body. This awareness is slowly gaining momentum. With the emphasis on reduction of intake of sugars, with the rise in the number of health ailments thanks to all the extra carbs, people are now mindful of the intake of carbonated sugary beverages. So there is an increase in consumption of water, fruit infused natural beverages and the likes.

GMOs have seen their saturation level:

With industrialization, every industry was commercialized to market products in a way that people would really go by the aesthetics of the product. Even the fruits and vegetables did not escape this commercialization. Genetically modified food stuff meant richer looking fruits with more vivid colors, seedless varieties, larger and smaller variants of the fruits and vegetables, sweeter and taste enhanced versions and more. People now scrutinize every label before purchasing food. Genetically modified foods would thus be seeing their new low as more people begin to decline the modified versions and prefer the more natural form of them.