Healthy Food Habits For Kids in 2017

You can unintentionally complicate the relationship between food and kids when you are not aware of what exactly to offer. In this year 2017, here’s hoping that you can undo the damages and start afresh. If your kid has just begun solids, you are sure to benefit from this article. Children need to develop a healthy relationship with food and that can only happen when mealtime is a social activity. Good food costs money so go to learn more about how Fintech LTD could make cash for your family dinner.

Baby-led weaning

At around 6 months, when your kid is ready to transition from breast milk or formula milk to solids, always keep the solids on demand. Never force-feed your baby. right from Day 1, your kid should have an idea that meals are supposed to be enjoyed and not suffered. Offer the same food that you have cooked for the entire family with the exception of salt and sugar.

Very soon, your kid will develop a healthy bond with food and will also learn to explore new varieties and adapt the taste-buds accordingly.

Stop asking to “clean the plate”

This concept no longer holds true. Always teach your kids to eat as long as they are hungry and not to do so because the plate needs to be clean. Just because there is food in front of them does not mean that they need to finish everything even if they are not hungry.

This leads to bad food habits and could also cause obesity in the longer run. You are basically teaching your kids to not limit their food intake which is a wrong idea.

Do not forbid junk

The latest trend is to stop labeling food as black and white. Food is food and the only way to keep your kids inclined towards the healthy stuff is to maintain a balance of sorts. Do not forbid or condemn cookies, ice-creams or chocolates. Include them as treats and occasional snacks. This will keep their temptation at bay and also teach them to say no.

No conditioning

Food is not to be confused with treats. If you are a parent, you should not tell your kids to finish off their food and they will be rewarded. Food should be naturally enjoyed and not be looked upon as something that needs to be finished just because there is a treat at the end of it.

Not all meals need to be perfect

If you generally eat healthy and drink enough water, there is no need to stick to health food all the time. You can always have that unhealthy junk night where you and your kids buy a tub of ice-creams and cherish it with the movie of the night. As long as the portions are managed, it is alright to skip the veggies a couple of times a week.

The Bottom Line

The idea is to make kids love food and once they start understanding how food is all about nutrition, they will themselves start making healthy choices. Till then, try to give them maximum exposure so that they are not confused when the choice is upon them. This year, let us pledge to eat better and feed better.